Maseches Shevuos


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 Daf 49Daf 48Daf 47Daf 46Daf 45Daf 44
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Daf 36Daf 35Daf 34Daf 33Daf 32Daf 31Daf 30
Daf 29Daf 28Daf 27Daf 26Daf 25Daf 24Daf 23
Daf 22Daf 21Daf 20Daf 19Daf 18Daf 17Daf 16
Daf 15Daf 14Daf 13Daf 12Daf 11Daf 10Daf 9
Daf 8Daf 7Daf 6Daf 5Daf 4Daf 3Daf 2

   "Yosef Da'as"   
on Shevuos

Hebrew material

"Galei Masechta"
on Shevuos

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