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Rabbi Yisroel Shaw, shlit'a
The lecture for Sunday April 13, 6:15 PM Israel time (11:15 AM EST)
will be given by Rav Yisrael Shaw

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Sources for lecture of Rabbi Yisrael Shaw
"The Puzzle of the Passover Hagadah"

  1. The Passover Hagadah, section of "Magid," beginning with "Avadim Hayinu"
    (Click on this link -- The Pesach Hagadah -- to view the Hebrew text of the Hagadah, in Adobe Acrobat format.)

  2. Shemos 13:8, "And you shall relate to your child on that day saying, 'It is because of this that Hashem acted for me when I came forth out of Egypt.'"

  3. Introduction to the Malbim Hagadah: "In Conclusion" (reproduced below)
    In Conclusion

    In Conclusion

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