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Rabbi Yehudah Landy, shlit'a
The lecture for Sunday May 4, 6:00 PM Israel time (11:00am EST)
will be given by the renowned Talmid Chacham and historian, Rabbi Yehudah Landy

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The subject for this week's lecture will be
"Forms of Ancient Idol-worship"


  2. Beit Alfa Mosaic
  3. Information about the Beit Alfa Shule
  4. Zodiac symbols on the Beit Alfa Mosaic
  5. Tzippori Mosaic
  6. Ein Gedi Shule
  7. More info aobut the Ein Gedi Shule
  8. Sources for mosaics
  9. Image of Hand Holding Ball
  10. Another view of the Above
  11. Dolmen from Golan Heights
  12. Dolmen Surrounded by a Heap of Stones
  13. Bar'am Shule
  14. Coin with Aphrodite
  15. Statue of Mercury
  16. Statue of Seraphis
  17. Har Gerizim Remains
  18. Samaritans on Aliyah L'regel

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