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Bechoros 24


(a) We just cited the Rabbanan, who argue with Raban Shimon ben Gamliel in our Mishnah. What do they rule in a case where someone purchases a feeding animal, with regard to the next baby to which it gives birth?

(b) In the Seifa, Raban Shimon ben Gamliel discusses a case where the owner enters his herd in the evening and finds ten or fifteen animals that have all given birth, and in the morning, he finds all the animals that have given birth for the first time feeding female babies, and all the others feeding males.
What might we have said in such a situation?

(c) What does Raban Shimon ben Gamliel actually rule?

(a) We ask a She’eilah on Raban Shimon ben Gamliel’s opinion. He may hold that no animal cares for a baby other than its own.
What is the alternative?

(b) Seeing as either way, the animal is Patur from the Bechorah, what are the ramifications of the She’eilah?

(c) What do we try to prove from the Reisha of our Mishnah ’ha’Loke’ach Beheimah Meinekes min ha’Akum, Eino Choshesh Shema B’no shel Acheres Hayah‘?

(d) How do we refute ...

  1. ... this proof? How do we interpret ‘Hayah’ (as opposed to ‘Hu’)?
  2. ... the proof from the Seifa, where Raban Shimon ben Gamliel again states ‘Ein Chosheshin ... ‘, even though they all gave birth?
(a) What do we attempt to prove from the Lashon of the Beraisa ‘ha’Davar be’ Chezkaso ... ve’Chein ... ‘ followed by the Seifa?

(b) How do we refute this proof too? What do we mean by ‘Ha ke’de’Iysa, ve’ Ha ke’de’Iysa’?

(c) Then why does the Tana say ‘ve’Chein’?

(a) What dual ruling does Rabah bar bar Chanah Amar Rebbi Yochanan issue regarding a Chazir that is feeding from a ewe?

(b) Why can the Chazir not be a Bechor?

(c) What is the problem with ...

  1. ... this dual ruling?
  2. ... the Lashon ‘ad Yavo ve’Yoreh Tzedek’?
  3. ... the suggestion that Rebbi Yochanan is not sure whether to rule like Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel or the Rabbanan?
(d) On what grounds is it anyway impossible to say that, bearing in mind that Raban Shimon ben Gamliel is the Tana mentioned in our Mishnah?
(a) We therefore establish Rebbi Yochanan like Raban Shimon ben Gamliel.
What is then his Safek?

(b) But we query his insertion of a Chazir in the case. What do we think he ought to have rather referred to?

(c) How do we nevertheless justify his decision to ask about a Chazir rather than a lamb?

Answers to questions



(a) Achai b’Rivi asked what the Din will be if one sees a Chazir feeding from a ewe. On what grounds do we reject the suggestion that his She’eilah is whether we rule like Raban Shimon ben Gamliel or the Rabbanan regarding Bechor?

(b) In fact, we interpret the She’eilah in one of two ways.
What do we mean when we say that it goes even according to ...

  1. ... the Rabbanan regarding the Bechorah?
  2. ... Raban Shimon ben Gamliel regarding Achilah?
(c) What is the outcome of the She’eilah?
(a) What does Rebbi Yossi ben ha’Meshulam say in our Mishnah about someone who comes to Shecht a Bechor? What should he do in preparation for the Shechitah?

(b) Why would we have thought that it is forbidden?

(c) Then why does the Tana require it?

(a) What safeguard should one take so as not to convey the impression that he is shearing the animal?

(b) And what does the Tana say about doing the same thing to prepare a blemished Bechor for inspection?

(a) Rav rules like Rebbi Yossi ben ha’Meshulam. They asked Rav Huna whether the same preparation is also permitted on Yom-Tov.
Assuming that Rebbi Yossi ben ha’Meshulam’s reason in allowing it is because ‘Tolesh’ is not considered ‘Gozez’, what will be the Din with regard to doing so on Yom-Tov?

(b) What must be the reason for permitting it by Bechor, for it to be permitted on Yom-Tov, too? What will Rebbi Yossi ben ha’Meshulam then hold with regard to Tolesh?

(c) Rav Huna responded that he would only resolve their She’eilah provided they first asked Rav Chananel a specific question, and he gave them a specific reply.
What did ...

  1. ... they subsequently ask Rav Chananel?
  2. ... Rav Chananel reply in the name of Rav?
(d) What did Rav Huna then rule regarding preparing the animal for Shechitah in this way on Yom-Tov?
Answers to questions

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